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About Max Dana

Early Inspiration

The whimsical world created by Max Dana is often defined as baroque-like and floral, with a pre-1930s inspiration as well as urban. Her first character made its appearance in the mid-Eighties, on the walls of Paris/La Défense (France); an observing eye named da-eYe, carefully painted on the lower part of the fresh work done by the graffiti artists of her group. From an early age, Max Dana had drawn imaginary characters and fashion sketches; she expressed her love for writing by creating a student newspaper, she wrote a play for theatre at 17, and directed her first short-movie at 18. Having a keen interest in journalism and photography, she first considered to work as a photojournalist. During her studies, the arrival of the Internet in the early Nineties made it possible for Max to express her talent for graphic design and writing by creating websites covering various of her favorites.... | Read more


Design and Fashion Design. Architecture. Sustainable Development. | Read more


Movies and Plays (Short-movie; A play for theatre). Books and Scripts. | Read more


Capturing Moments and Emotions. Places and People. Unveiling the Invisible. | Read more

Commitments and Actions

The MagkaSama Project

Max Dana is an artist, a designer and a writer, and she is a ‘committed citizen of the world’ since the early 1990s, being a long-term supporter of NGOs and raising awareness on topics such as Human Rights, genocide in Rwanda and Darfur, conflict minerals and rape in Congo, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Over the years, Max Dana created a community reunited under the Sama Fraternal Society. After two decades of activism, and supported by a growing enthusiasm and interest for her actions, Max Dana created the MagkaSama Project to provide resources to people who want to spread the word, raise awareness and take action.

Human Rights

Human RightsIn December 2008, Max Dana launched the "60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary” Initiative to support the Every Human Has Rights Campaign (The Elders, CIVICUS) on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Sixty people from the most important organizations in the world, volunteers and people supporting organizations, and the 30 winners of the Internews Every Human Has Rights Media Awards, signed Max Dana’s artwork...

| Max Dana's Blog post about this Initiative

Kids Workshops

Kids WorkshopsMax Dana enjoys sharing her art with kids, and she runs her own kids workshops. She brings children and the arts together since 2006. Children are naturally creative, and Max Dana encourages them to explore creativity through various art forms (painting, music, photography…). Each workshop has a topic, and the children can express themselves freely. An inspiring moment watching the kids draw, sing and discuss together...

| Kids Workshops: here and here.

Take Action!

Take Action!Since the student newspaper she created in the late 80s, Max Dana has been addressing a wide range of issues such as Human Rights, Darfur, Congo, Women and Children protection, but also inconvenient truths, taboo topics, unsung heroes. She still actively supports organizations and raises awareness on social and environmental challenges. Max has also committed herslef to organic and environmentally-friendly, sustainable and toxic-free fashion...

| Read the 'Designer' section

Selected Work

Contemporary Art

The Sama and (real?) people.


Pencil and ink on paper work.


The World of Sama is real.

Digital Art

A stylus, a tablet. And inspiration.

Special Occasion

The World of Sama takes action!
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About Max Dana

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Commitments and Actions

- Human Rights
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- Take Action!
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