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Max Dana has always been fascinated by the black color and when she first saw Pierre Soulages 'Outrenoir' paintings, it was a revelation to her. From her love for the black color, she created a singular art style addressing both light and serious subject matter, the duality of beauty and cynism of our world through painting and drawing but also design, photography and writing. The World of Sama is an allegory of our world and is filled up with mysteries; The Sama are peaceful but yet strange creatures coming from another dimension (one of the numerous hidden dimensions of the M-theory), protecting human beings known as the Chibi, with their good vibes... + More

Sama Drawings

Ink / Pen on Paper

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Sama Paintings

Sama Color-Mix

Sama Color-Mix

Sama-Head (Framed)

Sama-Head (Framed)

Sama-Sun & Rainbow

Sama-Sun & Rainbow

An aspiring journalist, Max Dana created a student newspaper focused on serious topics such as geopolitics and science, in which she also expressed her interest in videogames and sports. At 17 she wrote a play for theatre inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre play's 'Huis Clos' (No Exit) taking place during the Golden Age of Hollywood, her favorite period in film history. A year later, inspired by Hip Hop culture and social justice, Max directed her first short-movie on freedom of expression and the uncertainty of life based on microprobability. Because of her keen interest in journalism and photography, Max first considered to work as a war photojournalist. + More

Sama Photography

Trouville Samazed!

Trouville Samazed!

Trouville-Sur-Mer is a seaside resort and port on the English Channel, Calvados department, France. The city is separated from the neighbouring city of Deauville (renowned for its yearly film festival devoted to American cinema) by the estuary of the river Touques. Max Dana is an habitue of the seafront, especially during offseason period, when the beach is empty and the sky is beautifully cloudy and gray... That is the exact moment when ‘Trouville Plage’ has been Samazed, thus revealing the presence of the Sama!
Trouville Samazed!


Sama Drawings on Photographs

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Al Pacino
Barack Obama
Don Cheadle
Romy Schneider

Inspired by her grandmother who was a seamstress, Max Dana merged her love for vintage clothing with her interest in sustainability and created her first collection in the early 1990s by recycling old clothes. Max later discovered an other side of fashion with Haute Couture when she interned at the great fashion house Christian Dior. Enriched by these experiences, Max always seeks excellency using artisanal materials and the finest fabrics, putting craftsmanship and Metiers d'Art at the center of her creations, based on environmentally friendly production techniques and local manufacturing. Most of her clothing, handbags, accessories and furnitures pieces are produced in limited edition and many are labeled 'Made in France' to support French savoir-faire. + More

Sama Design & Furnitures

Sama Trinket Box

Sama Trinket Box

(Wood, Hand-painted)
Sama Desk & Stickers

Sama Desk & Stickers

(Sama Head and Plant)
Sama Cushions Covers

Sama Cushions Covers

(Silk and Velvet)

Craftsmanship & Métiers d'Art

Craftsmanship and Savoir-faire

When it comes to create a unique piece of jewellery, to select the finest fabrics for her clothing line and interior furnitures, and materials for her pieces of design combining brass, marble, leather, glass and porcelain, or to make her large-scale bronze sculptures, Max Dana is always looking for savoir-faire craftsmanship.

Artistry and Attention to detail

Max favors working with teams comprised of world-class craftsmen and craftswomen, using time-honored methods and simple tools to create elaborated pieces crafted by hand. Meticulous attention to detail, expertise and skill of master craftsmen are essential components of Max's creations.


Combining craftsmanship and innovative technology is also important to Max to design beautiful products and create unique works of art using 3D printing, smart textiles, LED lighting, or nanotech materials.
Craftsmanship & Métiers d'Art

The mid-80s was a turning point in Max's life. She discovered hip-hop and the graffiti movement, and started wall-painting in Paris/La Défense (France); da-eYe, the one-eye only, witty and facetious character was born. While he has had a life of his own in multiple media and platforms (wall decals and stickers, prints, clothing, a comic book and even a 3D edition), a decade later the multidimensional World of Sama and its benevolent creatures from another dimension emerged. Max's interest in astrophysics and Quantum cosmology, as well as her enthusiasm for Steampunk later lead her to create a new character based on her geeky and adventurous personality: Max Von Sama The Explorer and the Sama Airship. + More

Max Von Sama

The Extraordinary Adventures of the Steampunk Explorer!

Max Von Sama is Max Dana's Steampunk doppelganger. Just like Max Dana, she has a curious personality and since an early age she wanted to know everything, see everything and had to get answers to her numerous questions. Max is bold, fearless, intrepid. She also has a keen interest for the Abysses, Video games, Jazz music, Film noir and Scifi Movies, Science and the mysteries of the Universe (especially dark matter and the M-theory), the Victorian Era, everything Burlesque, Gothic and Steampunk of course but also Vintage or Retro, and all Geeky stuff!

A while ago, Max Dana asked her if she would be interested in a fantastic, amazing new adventure titled:

Max Von Sama and the Samachine, exploring time and space across the Many Worlds, on board the Photon fueled Sama Airship investing the Fermi Paradox, using the Antikythera mechanism. --Chapter I: En Route to Kepler-186f.

Max accepted right away, of course. You can read all about her Journey to Kepler on this website, and follow her discoveries on Twitter @MaxVonSama. Don’t forget: both time and space are relative: a day here on Earth can be a week or just a split of a second ‘out there’…

Max Von Sama

Mr da-eYe + da-eYe Jr.

Witty, waggish... Yet -almost- adorable.

da-eYe, Max Dana's iconic graffiti character, was born in the mid-80s on the walls of Paris/La Défense in France. Since then, the observing eye became a character of his own. Max Dana regularly posts photographs and artworks of da-eYe's epic world travels and encounters, photographed in front of the walls of his favorite graffiti artists (Miss Tic, Keith Haring, Fafi, Blek le rat...), paying tribute to his mentors or orbiting above the Earth... Renowned for his repartee and his witty, dry sense of humor, his easygoing nature can charm the pants off anyone he meets. Hence his nickname: 'da-womanizer'. A while ago, he found out he had a son, da-eYe Jr, he then decided to go by the name of 'Mr da-eYe'. Follow him on his website and on Twitter @MrdaeYe.

Beware, da-eYe is watching you since 1986, he can be anywhere, especially when you least expect him. Plus, he is very keen to photobomb selfies!

da-eYe x Keith Haring
da-eYe x Thomas Pesquet
da-eYe x fafi
da-eYe x Steve Jobs
da-eYe x MissTic
da-eYe x The Artist
da-eYe x Gainsbourg
da-eYe x World Water Day
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Max Dana had been involved in civil society activism and artistically active since her teenage years. After a decade of a successful career in Management and Consulting, she made a career change and decided to dedicate more time to her creative projects and philanthropic commitments. From the coverage of the Tiananmen Square protests and the Sudanese coup d'état in her student newspaper to the genocide in Rwanda, Max has always been a concerned citizen of the world, promoting global citizenry. In the early 2000s, she took an active part in raising awareness about the genocide in Darfur, and following this successful campaign, Max decided to found The MagkaSama Project to help people join forces and take action on topics such as Human Rights, freedom of speech and environment. + More

"60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary" Initiative

For the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

An artist and a philanthropist, and founder of the MagkaSama Project, Max Dana has always been a staunch supporter of Human Rights, and she wanted to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2008. To do so she launched the "60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary" Initiative to support the Every Human Has Rights Campaign (The Elders / CIVICUS).
For several months, Max met with sixty people from the most important organizations in the world (Amnesty International, UNICEF, UNHCR, Human Rights Watch, FIDH, UNESCO...), to volunteers and individuals supporting organizations, as well as committed people (doctors, lawyers...). She also met with the 30 winners of the Internews Every Human Has Rights Media Awards. They all enthusiastically supported Max's initiative and signed the original artwork she created to honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Geneviève Garrigos, President of Amnesty International France and partner of the Every Human Has Rights campaign declared: 'By marking human rights on every inch of the globe she drew, even on the most remote places in the world, Max Dana enforces the universality of the Declaration of Human Rights on its 60th anniversary.'

Katy Cronin, Communications Director, The Elders added: 'I am very grateful to Max Dana for her creative and inspiring support for The Elders and the Every Human Has Rights campaign. This artwork is a wonderful reminder that any committed individual can take action to change the world for the better. Thank you Max! And don’t stop now!'

Jean-François Julliard, Secretary general, Reporters without Borders - RWB/RSF said: 'It is a great initiative and an orignal and creative way to raise awareness on human rights. The universality of Human Rights shouldn't restrain to signers on a map, all the people who signed this art piece should now act and defend Human Rights the best they can.'

CIVICUS Headquarters, South Africa
Ingrid Srinath (left), former Secretary General and CEO of CIVICUS,

with staff members holding Max Dana's artwork at the organization's

headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. May, 2009
Mary Robinson
Geneviève Garrigos
Mary Robinson
Jacques Hintzy
Member of The Elders
President of Amnesty International France
President of UNICEF France
President of UNICEF France
Yves Berthelot
President of the World Organization Against Torture,

Chairman of the CFSI
Pierre Sané
Assistant Director-General

For Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO
Francisco Galindo Velez
UNHCR Representative for France
Jacky Mamou
President of Collectif Urgence Darfour
Jean-Marie Fardeau
French Ambassador for Human Rights
Secretary General RWB/RSF
Paris Office Director, Human Rights Watch
J-F Julliard
François Zimeray
Souhayr Belhassen
President of the FIDH
Pierre Lévy
President of Planète Urgence
Stéphane Hessel
Ambassador of France,

Participant in drafting the Universal

Declaration of Human Rights
The 30 Winners of the Global

'Every Human Has Rights' Media Awards

Sama Kids Day

Kids Workshop with Max Dana

Sama Kids Day (also known as Kids Workshop) is a special Sama Day. Max Dana enjoys sharing her art with kids, and she runs her own kids workshops.

She brings children and the arts together since 2006. Children are naturally creative, and Max encourages them to explore creativity through various art forms (painting, music, photography, art & craft…).
Kids Workshops
Each workshop focuses on an event or on a specific topic, with activities covering a wide range of subjects allowing the children to express themselves freely, sharing and enjoying time together.

An inspiring moment to create global awareness, to build empathy and global citizenry through arts education and discussion.

Max Dana is a very discreet and private artist, she is focused on her work and commitments and avoids public appearances as much as possible. She prefers to stay out of the spotlight, letting her art and actions speak for themselves. Since the mid-90s, Max is supported by a loyal community of fans and has built a strong connection with them over the years. You can connect with Max on Twitter @MaxDana, subscribe to the Mailing list, visit her blog ('How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Inconsistency of Our World. Yet I Can't Reconcile Myself To It. But I'm Working On It') and read the FAQ below for more info. Max also occasionally does live chat sessions.

Miscellaneous Sama Art


Max Dana on Twitter

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Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly receive questions about Max Dana, her work and inspiration. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Every year, a one-night event is organized. The exhibition usually takes place in unexpected places (an abandoned house in countryside, a cosy Parisian apartment...) and it only lasts for a couple of hours. This unique yearly show is a temporary event, on invitation only. You can get information about the next show by subscribing to the Max Dana Mailing list.

Paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures are available upon request. Note that some of these works can be rented, contact us for more information. If you are interested in the clothing line, jewelry pieces and furnitures created by Max Dana, be sure to sign up to get an alert when they are available. Each piece is handmade and/or produced in limited edition and usually sell out quickly.

If you read this website thoroughly and if you want to know more about Max, we invite you to visit her blog. She writes on topics ranging from movies and sciences, to videogames and music, environment and TV Shows... Still want more? Here is a bonus with a quick overview of what she likes and enjoys most:

Max's blog name is: 'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Inconsistency of Our World. Yet I Can't Reconcile Myself To It. (But I'm Working On It)' and as a cinephile, it is inspired by one of her favorite movie by Stanley Kubrick: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. You can her post about the movie on this page.

The Sama Sign a sign of recognition between Samayans. Everyone buying Sama Art and Pieces or joining the Sama Way of Life (initiated by the Sama Fraternal Society and now promoted by The MagkaSama Project) is called a 'Samayan' and is entitled to make the Sama Sign. You can only learn it from another Samayan, or by Max Dana herself, of course!

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