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Max Von Sama

The Extraordinary Adventures of the Steampunk Explorer!

Max Von Sama is Max Dana's Steampunk doppelganger. Just like Max Dana, she has a curious personality and since an early age she wanted to know everything, see everything and had to get answers to her numerous questions. Max is bold, fearless, intrepid. She also has a keen interest for the Abysses, Video games, Jazz music, Film noir and Scifi Movies, Science and the mysteries of the Universe (especially dark matter and the M-theory), the Victorian Era, everything Burlesque, Gothic and Steampunk of course but also Vintage or Retro, and all Geeky stuff!

A while ago, Max Dana asked her if she would be interested in a fantastic, amazing new adventure titled:

Max Von Sama and the Samachine, exploring time and space across the Many Worlds, on board the Photon fueled Sama Airship investing the Fermi Paradox, using the Antikythera mechanism. --Chapter I: En Route to Kepler-186f.

Max accepted right away, of course. You can read all about her Journey to Kepler on this website, and follow her discoveries on Twitter @MaxVonSama. Don’t forget: both time and space are relative: a day here on Earth can be a week or just a split of a second ‘out there’…

Max Von Sama

Mr da-eYe + da-eYe Jr.

Witty, waggish... Yet -almost- adorable.

da-eYe, Max Dana's iconic graffiti character, was born in the mid-80s on the walls of Paris/La Défense in France. Since then, the observing eye became a character of his own. Max Dana regularly posts photographs and artworks of da-eYe's epic world travels and encounters, photographed in front of the walls of his favorite graffiti artists (Miss Tic, Keith Haring, Fafi, Blek le rat...), paying tribute to his mentors or orbiting above the Earth... Renowned for his repartee and his witty, dry sense of humor, his easygoing nature can charm the pants off anyone he meets. Hence his nickname: 'da-womanizer'. A while ago, he found out he had a son, da-eYe Jr, he then decided to go by the name of 'Mr da-eYe'. Follow him on his website and on Twitter @MrdaeYe.

Beware, da-eYe is watching you since 1986, he can be anywhere, especially when you least expect him. Plus, he is very keen to photobomb selfies!

Mr da-eYe + da-eYe Jr.

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